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Trevor Van Meter: I'm a 27 year old Digital artist. I have a BFA in Illustration from East Carolina University. My work is greatly influenced by the things that I loved as a kid... comics, video games, and toys. I¹m relatively young in the world of pixel art. I did some of my first pixel art last year and just fell in love with the process. For a while, I couldn¹t quite figure out why I was so drawn to creating pixel art. Then I finally figured out that it was such a big part of my past, and I didn¹t even know it. I spent so much of my childhood playing Nintendo. The thing is, when I played games such as Super Mario, Metriod, and Zelda (and sooo many others), I always brought an Idea of these charters to the pixel art. I would see a nice illustration of Mario, and bring that idea of Mario to the pixel art. I never really ever saw the pixel art for what it really was. For anyone interested in Pixel art I would say Go for it. All the same principles of painting and drawing apply. I would even dare say that it is a great tool for developing a greater understanding of painting and drawing.

Trevor Van Meter: 27 anni, artista relativamente nuovo al panorama della pixel art. Una revisione dell'immaginario videoludico, da Zelda a Mario, soprattutto legato al panorama Nintendo, che oggi si fa vera e propria arte, tra innovazione grafica e nostalgia. Van Meter consiglia di provare questo nuovo genere di illustrazione, e ritiene che le tecniche di base siano utili alla comprensione tanto del disegno quanto dei procedimenti di colorazione. (f.b.)

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