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Andrew Standen-Raz

Vinyl scratches into the future

One of the best surprises of the Trieste Film Festival Walls of Sound section this year came from Vinyl, Andrew Standen-Raz’s documentary on Vienna’s underground music scene. But to define the film as a simple photography of the electronic music scene in the Austrian capital would not be fair on this exhaustive, thorough work of […]

Jalmari Helander

Rare Exports: a Christmas tale

We meet Jalmari Helander at lunchtime, in a restaurant not too far from Locarno’s Piazza Grande, where his film will be screened in a few hours’ time. Our guardian angel and local press agent for the film, Frauke Greiner, leads us there and pleasantly chats with us while the director finishes his well deserved dessert. […]

Mark Ivanir

The human resources manager

The Human Resources Manager of Jerusalem’s largest bakery is in trouble. He’s separated from his wife, distanced from his daughter and stuck in a job he hates. When one of his female employees, a foreign worker, is killed in a suicide bombing and her body remains unclaimed, the bakery is accused of inhumanity and indifference. He […]

Gareth Edwards

Monsters vs Locarno

Beatrice Biggio (BB): Fucine Mute has the pleasure of interviewing Gareth Edwards, director of Monsters. Your film is going to be screened in the Piazza Grande in this edition of Locarno’s film festival. This morning, during the press conference, you said that all you wanted to do was a good monster movie, and that’s obviously […]

Roxane Mesquida

Rubber, Mr. Oizo and the maiden

In the Californian desert, incredulous spectators witness the adventures of a telepathic killer tyre, mysteriously attracted to a very pretty young girl. The very pretty young girl our hero, Rubber the killer tyre, falls in love with is Roxane Mesquida, who greets us in the garden on the terrace of her hotel in Locarno, after […]

Leslie Woodhead

How the Beatles rocked the Kremlin

Beatrice Biggio (BB): One of your most well-known documentaries is about the tragedy of the Katrina hurricane in New Orleans, can you tell us how that work came about? Leslie Woodhead (LW): About that time, I also started taking photographs, I don’t know why but it always intrigued me, those two passions, photography and jazz, […]

Vladimir Paskaljević

The city of the devil

“For the courage and the clarity with which the young director describes, through a precise assembly and an excellent direction, a city from where the Gods have fled”. This is the motivation that, for the judges of the 21th edition of the Trieste Film Festival, granted the victory in the feature film category to Đavolja […]

Pater Sparrow


Cristina Favento (CF): Let’s start from the reading that inspired the movie: why Stanislav Lem and why that text (the script is taken from a collection called One Human Minute, ndr)[1] ? Peter Sparrow (PS): I coincidentally bumped into the short story when I was a teenager and, ever since, I was interested in how to […]

Marc Kelly Smith

so what!

Beatrice Biggio (BB): We have the pleasure to be able to interview Marc Kelly Smith, the so-called Slampapi, the father of slam poetry, we would dare to say a mythical figure of the art of spoken word and the creator of a totally revolutionary way of performing poetry. Slam Poetry is now almost twenty years […]


Off the shelves, and onto the stage

Fucine Mute meets Alexandre Cortez and Pedro D’Orey of Wordsong, the Portuguese band presenting a very innovative project of poetry in music on the stage at Absolute Poetry, an interesting experiment mixing music and the words of Al Berto and Fernando Pessoa. Beatrice Biggio (BB): You will perform at Absolute Poetry a very innovative project […]