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The Peter Murphy fanzine (I)

In 1992, with the blessing of Peter Murphy, I was asked to manage the official Peter Murphy information club… naturally, I accepted.

The heart of the information club was the Peter Murphy fanzine, which was principally an opportunity for fans to share their views and interpretations of the Peter Murphy musical environment, with other fans. At the same time, the fanzine included exclusive news and photographs. My job, as well as answering all the information club mail etc, was to design and produce the fanzine. The fanzine was then distributed worldwide to existing members of the info club or to anyone who simply requested a copy via mail. In all, three fanzines were produced. Although the fanzines came to an end, the information club continued until 1998.

Here exclusively at Fucine Mute Webmagazine, those rare and hard to find fanzines have resurfaced from the sand of the creative world… they await your attention.

An interpretation of the peter murphy musical environment

Within a journey long
The secret was discovered
Through the science of rhythm.

Awake upon the lawful way
A songbird seeking
For the simurgh
Through the rain of mercy.

With the silent
And with the speaking
The two that flower the way
Within the garden of the flower king too.

He sings surrendered songs
Always remembering the remembrance
Cascading from the mirror heart
Like one of those flowers in the wind.

Those songs from a polished mirror
With love
To the love.

You may think that I’m exaggerating, and I don’t blame you for thinking so… Peter Murphy is a real and ethical singer, who reaches the heart and the mind with a universal and elegant beauty of lyrical and musical communication, simultaneously taking the listener closer to their source. Peter has a unique voice, it’s a powerful voice that sings just to you, but at the same time that voice sings to everyone.

I call it “a diamond voice cut from a star”. All in all, I always felt (still do feel) that whatever i seen or felt in Peter’s work, was just a mirror to myself… I can remember the two page promotional advertisment in “melody maker” (2 april 1988) for Peter’s second album “love hysteria”. It read: “the proof, as always, must come with the eating, so I suggest you claim your portion and relish it”…

Experience the Peter Murphy experience. Check the official Peter Murphy web site at: www.petermurphy.info


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